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Jacob ALTERMAN born circa 1772, came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Jan. 10, 1789 on the ship 'Patsey Rutledge' from Hamburg, Germany.  

Names of Foreigners Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province and State of Pennsylvania   - 1789 ALTERMAN, JACOB Philadelphia County PA Philadelphia PA Early Census Index

  Jacob and wife Rosanna were married in Rowan Co NC on 22 August of 1796.  Jacob died  May 23, 1824 in Grayson County, Virginia.  He owned 427 acres on Burks Fork when he died.  One or two acres of the farm land  is reserved by John Owen Alderman. 

 Jacob and Rosanna lived in the Moravian settlement of Bethabara in North Carolina before moving to Grayson Co, Virginia.   Jacob was apprenticed in the art of  blacksmithing while in NC.  Also they lost a child, five days old in 1797.   He is buried in lot no. 47 in Dobbs Parish graveyard, made for the non-Moravian settlers. This cemetary which was built in 1759 and is located south of Bethabara Mill was commonly referred to as the "strangers graveyard".

Also aboard the ship "Patsey Rutledge" was a Henry Alterman who settled in Philadelphia as well.  The ALTERMAN spelling remained in this family into the 1900's.  Variations are Alderman and Olterman.

"The Germans who came to Rowan from Pennsylvania and settled along Second Creek were members of the Reformed and Lutheran churches. Being too few in numbers to erect houses of worship for each of the two denominations, they united in building a temporary structure on the lands of a Mr. Fullenwider. This church was called the Hickory Church and stood on the site now occupied by St. Peter's Lutheran Church."

 Jacob ALTERMAN married Rosanna FADENLAND? I truly do not think this was her maiden name. Something closer to Ferncler was transcribed as her maiden name on the record of death of their son who died in 1797 in Bethabara. Fercler/Farnsler/Fansler was a known family name from Germany, originally spelled Förnßler. These German immigrants were in early PA, Shenandoah VA and NC. I estimate that she was born about 1776

 Married: 22 Aug 1796 in Rowan Co NC North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
Bride: Rosey Fadenland
Groom: Jacob Olterman
Bond Date: 22 Aug 1796
County: Rowan
Record #: 02 335
Witness: Jno Rogers
Bond #: 000128263

Their children : Infant Alderman born and died in Bethabara, North Carolina, John Alderman, Jacob Alderman, Philip Alderman, George Alderman, Elizabeth Roxina Alderman, Frederick Alderman, and Henry Alderman.

My lineage from Jacob to my maternal grandparents:
1 Jacob ALDERMAN b: ABT 1772 d: 1824
  + Rosanna FADENLAND b: 1776 d: AFT 1833
    2 John ALDERMAN b: 5 Feb 1799 d: 28 Dec 1886
      + Hannah SUTPHIN b: 6 Nov 1803 d: 3 Mar 1865
        3 Catherine ALDERMAN b: Jul 1824 d: 6 Apr 1914
          + Joshua M. REYNOLDS b: 1816
            4 Asa Barton REYNOLDS b: 21 Jul 1845 d: 5 Apr 1923
              + Mary A. BRADNER b: 31 Dec 1862 d: 22 Oct 1945
                5 Ewell Branson REYNOLDS b: 2 Nov 1882 d: 6 Jul 1959
                  + Dorothea Maud COLEMAN b: 23 Apr 1890 d: 28 Dec 1957

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North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

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