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by Deborah Shelton Wood

1 Gilbert BRADNER
+ Susannah 
2 John BRADNER b: 1692 in Orange County, NY
+ Christian COLVILLE b: 1693 Scotland to Orange County, NY
d: 17 SEP 1759 Daughter of Alex, Colville and Christian Thompson.
3 Colville BRADNER b: 1719 d: 1799
+ Margaret MOORE
4 John BRADNER d: 1812
+ Elizabeth CARR
5 Henry BRADNER b: 1804 d: 1836
+ Sarah Elizabeth JONES b: 1792 d: 1881
6 Thomas Jackson BRADNER b: ABT 1828
+ Jacksa Jane SHADRACH b: ABT 1828
Daughter of Harvey Shadrack/Shadrick and Sarah Bowers of NC.
Thomas J.  and Jacksa's daughter was
7 Mary Anderson BRADNER b: 31 DEC 1862
+ Asa Barton REYNOLDS b: 21 JUL 1845 d: 5 APR 1923 
Asa and Mary "Polly" Bradner 's son was
 Ewell Branson REYNOLDS b: 2 NOV 1882 d: 6 JUL 1959
+ Dorothea Maud COLEMAN b: 23 APR 1890 d: 28 DEC 1957
Ewell Branson. And Maud Reynolds' daughter was
Madeline Alice Reynolds Shelton 1925-1982
of Wythe County, Virginia

Please note: Of recent, there is controversy as to whether or not the ancestral line continues back to Gilbert Bradner of NY.
Mary "Polly" Ann Bradner & Asa Barton Reynolds of Virginia were my greatgrandparents. The Bradner line was in Ireland and Scotland.

Photo of Mary "Polly" BRADNER and husband, Asa Barton REYNOLDS

Colville BRADNER was a Revolutionary War Veteran

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