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 In Scotland circa 1692 Christian Colville, a daughter, was born to Alexander Colville and wife, Christian Thompson.
 Christian married John Bradner in or near the year 1712.  Their son Colville Bradner served in American Revolution. These families of Colville and Bradner descendants eventually removed from New York and New Jersey to Virginia.
 Alexander and Christian Colville married July,13 1692.  Alexander's parents were John Colville and Mary Preston. John's parents were, in my opinion, Alexander Colville born about 1595, who married Anne Blanc.
 His parents were John Colville and Elizabeth Melville of Culross Castle, Scotland.  John's parents father was Alexander Colville 1536-1597 of Ochiltree Castle, Scotland.
 The next generation back is Sir James Colville of Killernie Castle, Kinross, Scotland born about 1486 whose parents were Robert Colville II and Elizabeth Arnot of Scotland.
Robert's parents were Robert Colville I and Margaret Logan both born circa 1426.
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Clan Colville of Scotland
Clan Motto:

The phrase is Anglo-Saxon for "I Cannot Forget". It would not be far off base, to believe that the reason of the motto, "I Cannot Forget", may very well have to do with the feud between the Douglas's when the laird sieged the Ochiltree Castle and hung two Colville's for them killing, Lord Douglas's friend John Auchinleck. Douglas sought revenge, but did so without the help of the law, and from then on the fued was on between the Colville's and Douglas's. The Auchinleck's were at one time very dear friends of the Colville's. So it could basically mean I cannot forget the event that happened or even not forget the one time friendship.

Source: Clan Colville Society and Christine Alexander Colville


Ayrshire District Tartan
The Colville Clan Tartan


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