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Presented by Deborah Shelton Wood


The Estate of Thomas Shelton, Decd, In Account with Peter T. Shelton,

Final Settlement and Report.

Settlement of acct.

January 4 1902, paid
Martha A Young
S. E. Shelton
Sarah E. Wimbish
C. M. Shelton
Lucinda F. Mills

August 27, paid
William J. Shelton

May 19, paid
Susan R. Newman
Mary J. Blackard
Peter T. Shelton (retained)

July, S. A. Thompson, assistant Comm. of accounts
for stating and settling final account.

To amount allow adminstrator for extra trouble and to defray
any upaid fee bills against the Estate that may be presented.

To fee paid C. R. Martin, Clerk, for recording this settlement.


Office of Assistant Commissioner of Accounts of
 County Court of Patrick County, Aug. 8 A.D. 1903

The above named, Peter T. Shelton, Adm. of Thomas Shelton, decd. by
authority conferred by an order of the said Court of Patrick entered at the
August Term 1899; exhibited before me Assistant Commissioner as aforesaid, on
the 10th day of July 1903, a statement of all money which he recd. or became
chargeable with or disbursed within the year beginning Jan 4th 1902; together
with the vouchers for his disbursements and said transactions extending up to
the present time; and I have stated and settled and now report the foregoing
account of the transactions of the said fiduciary, showing no balance due. The
said account was not completed until ten days and more after it had been
mentioned in a list of the fiduciaries whose accounts are before me for
settlement posted at the front door of the Court House of the said Court on
the first day of the July Term 1903.

Respectfully submitted
S. A. Thompson
Asst. Comm. of Accts.


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