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Descendants of Henry Ford of Virginia by Deborah Shelton Wood





Henry FORD died 1807 in Pittsylvania Co VA. He married Frances.  In 1795 Henry sold his land in Charlotte Co VA and moved to Pittsylvania Co VA.

I believe Henry Ford's parents to be John Ford and Elizabeth Thornton  who married on 27 Jan 1730 in King George County, Virginia


Children of Henry FORD and Frances are:
+ 2   i. Frances"Fathy" FORD was born ABT 1779.
+ 3   ii. John FORD.
  4   iii. Gerald "Jarrald" FORD. He married Nancy HALEY, daughter of Lewis HALEY and Leannah.
  5   iv. Elisha FORD was born 1761. He married Rebecca HALEY 28 Sep 1807 in VA, daughter of Lewis HALEY and Leannah.
  6   v. Sarah FORD. She married James MURPHY 7 Dec 1796 in Halifax Co VA.
+ 7   vi. Elizabeth FORD.
  8   vii. William FORD.
  9   viii. Thomas FORD.
  10   ix. Mary FORD was born ABT 1782. She married Ambrose HALEY 24 Nov 1803 in VA, son of Lewis HALEY and Leannah. He was born ABT 1780.

2. Frances"Fathy" FORD (Henry FORD3, John FORD2, John FORD1) was born ABT 1779. She married Josiah SHELTON 16 May 1797 in Halifax Co VA, son of Josiah SHELTON and Elizabeth SPENCER. He was born ABT 1775 in VA, and died 1864 in Patrick Co VA.

Children of Frances"Fathy" FORD and Josiah SHELTON are:
+ 11   i. Mary Ann "Polly" SHELTON was born ABT 1802.
+ 12   ii. Thomas SHELTON was born ABT 1813 in VA.
+ 13   iii. Levi SHELTON was born ABT 1814, and died 12 Nov 1861.
  14   iv. Frances SHELTON was born ABT 1815. She married Lewis SHELTON. He was born 1803.
+ 15   v. Giles Gerald SHELTON was born 19 Jan 1818 in Pittsylvania Co VA, and died 5 Jul 1858 in Franklin Co VA.

3. John FORD (Henry FORD3, John FORD2, John FORD1). He married Frances HAYNES 25 Apr 1791 in VA, daughter of John HAYNES and Phebe BRIZENDINE. He married Elizabeth BRIZENDINE 5 Jan 1798 in Charlotte Co VA, daughter of Isaac BRIZENDINE and Ann.

7. Elizabeth FORD (Henry FORD3, John FORD2, John FORD1). She married Harrison ASHWORTH 16 Feb 1791 in Charlotte Co VA, son of Isaac ASHWORTH and Susannah. He was born 7 Mar 1763 in Charlotte Co VA, and died 1838 in Charlotte Co VA.