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by Deborah Shelton Wood
Mabry Mill !
Located on the scenic
Blue Ridge Parkway !!!

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Photo by Kristen Wood, Flagstaff, AZ ©

Mabry's Mill - Keeping traditions alive, preserving remnants of our culture! The Mill is located near mile marker 176 on the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway. The Parkway runs 469 miles from Front Royal, Virginia to Cherokee, North Carolina, and the northernmost 105 miles from Front Royal to Waynesboro is called Skyline Drive.
In the late 1760s, the Great Wagon Road was the main thoroughfare through Virginia's Blue Ridge Highlands. During the Civil War, resource-rich communities such as Saltville in Smyth County provided an important supply line for the Confederacy. The Industrial Revolution of the 19th century and the building of a vast network of railroads would soon capitalize on the regions coal and timber resources. It wasn't until the building of the Blue Ridge Parkway in the 1930s that a national window was opened on this world. Daniel Boone on his visit here in ca. 1770 said: "I had gained the summit of a commanding ridge and, looking around with astonishing delight, beheld the ample plains, the beauteous tracts below, [while] at a vast distance I beheld the mountains lift their venerable brows and penetrate the clouds..."
The road itself ascends to more than 6,000 feet at Richland Balsam overlook in North Carolina, and descends to just over 600 feet at the James River in Virginia.
Today the mill still grinds corn and is the most photographed spot on the Parkway. The Mabry Mill Trail is one of the more popular trails on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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Francis Maybury born 1650/60, ENG may have been the earliest Mabry/Maybury/Mayberry immigrant to America. 
  Francis Maybury and Elizabeth Gilliam married in
  Henrico County, Virginia in 1684/85.
Their son, George Maybury b ca 1692-99, married Martha Bradley.
  They lived in Edgecombe (later Halifax) County, North Carolina then
 moved to Rowan County about 1768 and died there in December 1770.
 George's son was Isaac who married Lucy; their son was Captain Charles Grafton Mabry*. His daughter, Amelia Mabry and John Reynolds were united in marriage in Patrick County, Virginia in 1809. They are my ggg-grandparents! The Virginia Mabrys built and maintained Mabry's Mill. This is my Mabry line in a nutshell.

View a transcription of the Will of Francis MAYBURY


1 Francis MABRY b: ABT 1650/1660 d: 18 Jun 1714
  + Elizabeth GILLIAM
    2 George MABRY d: 1771
      + Martha
        3 Isaac MABRY
          + Lucy
            4 Charles Grafton MABRY d: ABT 1840
              + Elizabeth "Betsy" HELTON b: ABT 1761 d: 12 May 1846
                5 Millie MABRY b: ABT 1787
                  + John REYNOLDS b: ABT 1786 d: AFT 1870
                    6 Joshua M. REYNOLDS b: 1816
                      + Catherine ALDERMAN b: Jul 1824 d: 6 Apr 1914
                        7 Asa Barton REYNOLDS b: 21 Jul 1845 d: 5 Apr 1923
                          + Mary A. BRADNER b: 31 Dec 1862 d: 22 Oct 1945
                            8 Ewell Branson REYNOLDS b: 2 Nov 1882 d: 6 Jul 1959
                              + Dorothea Maud COLEMAN b: 23 Apr 1890 d: 28 Dec 1957
                                9 Madeline Alice REYNOLDS b: 13 Oct 1925 d: 25 Feb 1982

Captain Charles Grafton Mabry

Grayson Co VA Militia

Mayberry, Charles Captain Men. Mar. 24, 1807-Oct.1807

Source: Weaver, Jeffrey C. 63rd Virginia Infantry

Grayson Co VA wills- MABRY, Charles, appraisal of estate June 1840

Charles and wife, Elizabeth Helton Mabry are buried in the James Thompson Cemetery in

Carroll Co,  Virginia

Men of the Militia


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