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My COLEMAN and WILLARD Families !



Presented by Deborah Shelton Wood

My great-grandparents were Bluford Coleman & Maggie Willard. 
Bluford Calhoun COLEMAN was the son of Robert S. COLEMAN and Amelia GARDNER. Beuford was born 1845 in Carroll Co VA.
Margaret(Maggie)WILLARD was born 1847 in Carroll Co VA. She was the daughter of William WILLARD of VA and Mary Ann GRAY of NC.  They married 28 SEP 1866 in Carroll Co VA.
Bluford's father Robert was a house carpenter and  a county sheriff in Carroll County, Virginia.
Children of Maggie and Bluford COLEMAN are:

i. William R. COLEMAN was born 1867.
ii. Virginia COLEMAN was born 1872.
iii. Texanna COLEMAN was born 1877. She married John G HORTON.
iv. Edward W. COLEMAN was born ABT 1879, and died 2 JUN 1888 in Carroll Co VA.
v. Sadie COLEMAN was born 1880. She married Rufus PHILLIPS, son of Andrew J PHILLIPS and Martha Ann Rebecca NORMAN.
vi. Maud COLEMAN was born 23 APR 1890, and died 28 DEC 1957 in Wythe Co VA. She married Ewell Branson REYNOLDS 15 SEP 1906, son of Asa Barton REYNOLDS and Mary Ann BRADNER. He was born 2 NOV 1882 in VA, and died 6 JUL 1959.
vii. Bruce COLEMAN.
viii.Charles COLEMAN.
ix.Powhattan COLEMAN was born 1874, and died 1888.
x. Lona G. COLEMAN was born 1880, and died 1888 in Carroll Co VA.

Bluford's parents were Robert Coleman and Amelia Gardner. Robert Was born 1822 in Campbell County, Virginia. His parents were Robert S. Coleman, born 1780, and Mary "Polly" Dews of Halifax and Caroline Counties in Virginia.  Polly and Robert were married in Halifax Co Va on 24 Mar 1807.  Later that same year, they bought land and settled in Campbell County.

Robert S COLEMAN b: 17 Jun 1780 d: 1827
      + Mary DEW b: ABT 1787
        3 Robert S COLEMAN b: 1822
          + Amelia GARDNER b: 27 Apr 1827 d: 19 Dec 1894
            4 Bluford Calhoun COLEMAN b: 1847
              + Margret WILLARD b: 1847
                5 Dorothea Maud COLEMAN b: 23 Apr 1890 d: 28 Dec 1957
                  + Ewell Branson REYNOLDS b: 2 Nov 1882 d: 6 Jul 1959
                    6 Madeline Alice REYNOLDS b: 13 Oct 1925 d: 25 Feb 1982

WAS BORN 20 Aug 1820 in VA and died on  2 Feb 1915 in Carroll County Virginia. He and his wife,Mary GRAY, are buried at  Gladesboro Lutheran Church Cemetery, Carroll County, Virginia.
William and Mary's daughter, Maggie Willard married Bluford COLEMAN.
According the the record of death for William Willard, his father was Jackson Willard.  This ties him into one of the known lines of Willard that were in NC and VA. Further documentation is needed to be certain which ancestral line is his. 
1 William WILLARD b: 20 Aug 1820 d: 2 Feb 1915
  + Mary Ann GRAY b: 22 Jan 1828 d: 13 Apr 1896
    2 Margret WILLARD b: 1847
      + Bluford Calhoun COLEMAN b: 1847
        3 Dorothea Maud COLEMAN b: 23 Apr 1890 d: 28 Dec 1957
          + Ewell Branson REYNOLDS b: 2 Nov 1882 d: 6 Jul 1959

Civil War Records for Bluford C Coleman

Civil War Records for William H Willard

Buford C Coleman, Hicks Cemetery, Carroll Co VA
Military CSA gravestone

William H Willard
Gladesboro Lutheran Church Cemetery, Carroll Co VA

My Civil War Ancestors

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Photo of Maud Coleman Reynolds

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