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Ochiltree Castle and MacDuff Castle

Presented by Deborah Shelton Wood

"Ochiltree Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland was built on a rocky promontory  near the banks of the Lugar River, and was once surronded by a moat, once the draw-bridge was lowered it settled on a rock on the other side of the moat. The castle is approximately located about halfway between Ayr and Cumnock, Scotland."
Alexander Colville 1536-1597 was born at Ochiltree Castle.

"MacDuff Castle, East Wemyss, Scotland was one castle that the Colville's exchanged Castle Ochiltree for. In its time this castle was quit large and well maintained by the Colville Family.  Sir James Hamilton of Finnart in 1530 exchanged East Wemyss for James Colville's barony of Ochiltree in Ayrshire. The Colvilles blocked up the gateway passage and remodeled the superstructure as a tower house and they built a matching tower at the southwest corner with a range containing a new gateway between the two towers. In 1651 the Colvilles sold East Wemyss to John, Lord Wemyss of Elcho, later Earl of Wemyss. It is believed that Mary Queen of Scots met Darnley here at MacDuff Castle in Scotland. " Clan Colville Society and Christine Alexander Colville.


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Sources: Clan Colville Society and Christine Alexander Colville

MacDuff Castle


Lord of Ochiltree, Arms